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Computer App final reivew1

Computer App final reivew1 - Spreadsheet Function to know...

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Spreadsheet Function to know Sum(numbers1, numbers 2…. Product(numbers1, numbers 2…. If(test value, “value if true”, “value if false”) Counts the numbers of cell that contains # only (count number only) Count(numbers1, numbers 2…. Counts the number of cells that arent empty, counts everything (text and number)countA(numbers1, numbers 2…. Counts the number of cells within a range that meets the given condition (count text) countIF( range, “criteria”) average (range) median (range) min (range) max(range) nesting function PMT(interest rate/12, months,-loan) Vlookup (look up value table , table range, column index, true) it can only look up the first column True approx. match and false exact match Index( table range, row, column) it can look up rows and column VBA Write a UDF named GetDiscount that takes two parameters, 'OrderTotal and NumberOfPastOrders, that determines the discount ' for an order. Your function should return the dollar amount of the ' discount, not the percentage.
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