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1) Write the formula that occurs in cell B6 =PMT (B3/12, B4, -B2) 2) Write the formula that appears in B7 = (B6*B4) +F2 3) write the formula that appear in B2 =F1-F2
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A B C D E 1 Total Features 3 Base Hours 200 2 Hours /Feature 40 Base Cost/Hour $25.00 3 Cost / Hour F1 4 Cost Multiplier 110% 5 Total Hours F2 6 Total Cost F3 For this problem you will use a spreadsheet to determine how many features to include in a piece of software your company is developing. You will need fields and labels for Total Features (a number input), Hours/Feature (a number input), Cost/Hour ( F1 ), Base Hours (a number input), Base Cost/Hour (a currency input), Total Hours( F2 ) and Total Cost (F3). You will also need to have a static field labeled Cost Multiplier (a percentage input). Fill in input fields with your own values, they must be properly formatted. Cost / Hour ( F1 ) is $60.00 if Total Features is 10 or more, $45.00 if Total Features is 5 or more, otherwise it is $25.00 Total Hours (F2) is Hours/Features times Total Features plus Base Hours Total Cost (F3) is Total Features times
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