Ethical%20Hacking%20and%20Countermeasures - Workshop on...

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Workshop on Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures By Atul Agarwal In the this Information Age, Information Security has become a critical issue. And why shouldn't it be? Lets look at some day-to-day activities that have IT (read: Internet) as its indispensable backbone: Online Banking Online Bill Payments Official Communications Share Trading E-Commerce Income Tax, Service Tax payments etc. Heck, even movie tickets are bought using Internet, and undoubtedly this trend is there to stay. We cannot imagine a life without Internet. The increase in use of these services is primarily because of the convenience they offer. Now, with convenience comes lack of security. Crackers (correct term for evil Hackers) are watching, waiting to exploit these security loopholes, and get that money transferred from your account to yours. Yes, it is scary. Experts are needed to monitor and fight back these crackers. These cyber security experts (or Ethical Hackers) are well versed in tools, technologies and methodologies of the crackers, only their motive differ. While crackers work for personal profits, Ethical Hackers aim for maximizing security. According to a study by NASSCOM, minimum 1,88,000 information security experts are needed by the year 2009, and only a little over 50% of this workforce is available. A career in Information security industry, indeed, is upcoming and rewarding option. To bridge the gap between the demand and supply of these security experts,
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Ethical%20Hacking%20and%20Countermeasures - Workshop on...

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