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Computer Security and Programming College: Laney College Project Director: Tuan Nguyen Contributing Participants: Carole Rogers Tuan Doan Theeba Soundadarajan Paul Godfrey Carlos Betanocurt Zi Shun Yang Kai Song Robert Darty Alex Quan Cheng-Hsiu Chieh Narrative Report Summary This mini-grant project was undertaken by Laney College to research and identify topics and materials in the area of the fundamentals of information security as well as current technologies and activities in the System/Software and Internet/Application Security. Additional curriculum updates include secure programming, and data encryption. Other outcomes for this project included a high demand and interest from students to have opportunities for getting certified in computer security (ethical hacking, security analyst, penetration testing, and forensics). As a result of this project two course outlines and a certificate program were established. You will also find several interesting PowerPoint and Webinar presentations. Course Outlines and Certificate Programs: 1. CIS 96A Introduction to System/Software Security and Encryption 2. CIS 96A Syllabus 3. CIS 96B Projects in System/Software Security and Encryption 4. CIS 96B Syllabus 5. How to Establish an Authorized Training Center PowerPoint Presentations: and: 1. Know Thy Enemy by IronPort 2. NAC Best Practices by Network Computing 3. Rothman Top 5 Security Tips 2008 by Security Incite 4. Source Code Analysis by Klocwork Webinars: 1. White Hat Security Webinar: Software as a Service for Complete Website Vulnerability Management Page 1 of 8
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Narrative Report Expected Outcomes: 1. Successfully identified topics that were learned with new techniques and tools - Code of Ethics & Hacker classes: (a) Whitehat and (b) Blackhat - Vulnerability and security techniques relevant to PC system and network - Tools that are used in security hacking, testing, and Web applications Sam Spade, Nslookup, Traceroute, Jack The Ripper, eMailTrackerPro WebInspect, DevInspect 2. Selected topics and materials to incorporate into classes (CIS 96A & CIS 96B) - Ethical hacking and cybercrimes; port scanning and OS fingerprinting - Proxies & anonymizers; enumeration and system hacking; virus and malware - Cryptography & penetration test: data & system; exploits & covert hacking - Email hacking & spam; security & privacy; encryption Unexpected Outcomes: 1. New techniques are derived constantly and more interesting tools are so quickly developed; they are introduced either for free or very small fees. 2. There are great challenges in discussing computer security and personal privacy. Legal issues must be considered to keep everyone inline and be ethical, especially when computer hacking is involved. 3. High demand and interest from students to have opportunities for getting certified in computer
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LaneyCollegeSummaryandFinal - Computer Security and...

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