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1. ABSTRACT SMS BASED OBJECT PICK AND PLACE ROBOT Synopsis The objective of this project is to design the stationery robot for pick and place application through SMS. This project is used in the industrial companies for pick and place application. Mainly used for precious material handling application. This project is designed with microcontroller, driver circuit along with motor, robot with pick & place model and key pad. In this project cell phone is connected to micro controller through data cable and level converter. Data cable is the cable which is communicating between cellular phone and microcontroller. By using data cable we can send and receive commands to cell phone and from cell phone. Level converter is nothing but RS232 the output of
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Unformatted text preview: the cell phone signals given to level converter in which the signal are converted into 0 and 5v pulse then these signals given to micro controller. When the SMS is sent, the microcontroller activates the driver circuit as per mentioned in the program. The driver circuit is constructed with transistor which acts as switch to control the relay. The relay output is directly connected to motor which is attached in the robot. For an example when arm down SMS is sent, the signal is given to microcontroller. So the microcontroller activates the corresponding relay thorough the driver circuit. Now the arm moves to down side. Through this way arm is controlled for pick and place application....
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