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The Purpose of a Resume A Marketing tool : Designed to capture attention and get you to the next stage in the recruitment process. It presents in writing the skills, accomplishments and qualifications that you bring to a potential employer. Key component: It is the first essential tool in the job search process. The resume is the first introduction a hiring manager will have of you. You want them to feel drawn in and motivated to invite you in for an interview. Written Inventory : The resume is an inventory of your skills, accomplishments, experiences and education to date. It should be customized and targeted for each individual position. Getting an Interview : This is your ultimate goal with a resume, it tells the hiring manager that you have the necessary experience, skills and education, what now needs to be determined is will this person be a good fit for the department. Function of a Resume The function of a resume is to give prospective employers enough information about you so that they invite will you for an interview. In order to write it effectively, you need to focus on your intent. Are you writing it with a specific job in mind or are you writing a generic resume? If the former then refer to the job description, it will help you to tailor your resume, if the latter then focus on skills and accomplishments for that particular position and highlight them on your resume. Your resume is the first impression that recruiters and hiring managers will have of you, time and effort on your part can be a very worthwhile investment so your resume should address the following: Clear – Whoever reads your resume should have a clear understanding of who you are, what skills you possess, your accomplishments and the career path you have chosen up to this point. Concise – There should be a reason why every word is on your resume. Are there redundant phrases? Review your resume and determine if all the content is indeed making you a stronger candidate.
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Consistent – If your resume is in a consistent format, your readers will be focusing on what you have written, not how you have written it. If you have different ways of presenting job titles and your formatting changes for each position, it will be distracting to the reader and instead of focusing on your best qualities they will waste valuable deciphering your resume. Is your resume visually easy on the eyes? Many great resumes are written in tiny font, with small margins and no white space. The finished product is dense and more difficult to scan for pertinent information. Make sure that you have ample white space on your resume; the resume should be inviting to read. Easy To Find Out What You Are Good At – For most people, this is the most challenging part of your resume. If you don’t market yourself on your resume, the reader won’t be able to read between the lines. Focus on your achievements, strengths and skill. The more you work on your resume, the more that you will
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Preparing+Resumes - The Purpose of a Resume A Marketing...

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