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RESUME FORMATS: Resumes may be presented in the following formats: chronological, functional, or a combination of the two. Each type has it advantages and its disadvantages. A good rule of thumb is that a chronological resume is a good format for traditionally-aged college students with an average amount of experience and related activities. Skills/Functional resumes may be the most helpful for career changers and people with gaps in their employment history. A Combination resume is a good unification of the chronological with the skills/functional resume. Choose an appropriate resume format for your situation and job objective. Chronological Resume This is the most common format used by college students and recent graduates. It is an historical time line presentation of education and experience, in reverse chronological order with most recent education and work experiences listed first. This format allows emphasis on job titles and places of employment and elaboration on accomplishments, duties, and responsibilities for each position. Skills/Functional Resume This format is advantageous if prior experience is unrelated to the career objective, but includes performance of the skills and functions related to your objective. This format allows emphasis on experience relevant to the
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RESUME+FORMATS+for+New+website - RESUME FORMATS: Resumes...

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