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HOW TO CREATE AN EFFECTIVE RESUME Portions reprinted with permission from: The Legal Career Guide: From Law Student to Lawyer I. DO YOUR CAREER PLANNING HOMEWORK 1. Who will you be interviewing? 2. Who does the interviewer represent? 3. What information will the interviewer want to know about you? 4. What personal characteristics and aptitudes do you possess that would be most attractive to an employer? 5. What accomplishments should you stress in applying for this kind of employment? II. LIST YOUR QUALIFICATIONS 1. Start with the present (law school) and move backwards to college. Include all honors, activities, and publications, as well as your class rank and GPA knowing that there are times when you do not need to list your GPA if you believe it would hurt your application. It is important to know the culture of the employer to whom you are sending your information as to if they would expect to see a class rank and GPA listed on your resume. 2. Summarize in outline form your entire work history, including names of employers, dates, and general statements of the most important duties for each job. Make a note of significant skills developed on each job. 3. List everything you can remember. III. EDIT OR EXPAND YOUR LIST A. Edit ruthlessly. B. If you are a first year law student hoping for a school, summer or part-time clerkship, your problem may lie in not having enough on your resume to make much of an impression. In this case expand your list. 1. Include college activities and important papers and projects. 2. Include titles of law school courses taken or in progress to show that you have some familiarity with the work you will be doing. 3. Describe work experiences that show you to be hard working and dependable. 4. Add any references that would mean something to the employer. 5. List names and titles of references (suggest 2 to 3, with at least one being a law professor, you will need to talk with your references and secure permission to use them, and then make sure to follow up by sending them a thank you and copy of your resume and possibly your transcript if the reference is a law professor) IV. SHAPE AND ARRANGE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS A. Look at examples and follow the one you think presents your case the best. Make sure to utilize the formatting functions contained in the word processor you utilize. If you need assistance contact the LCSO for help. V.
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ResumeCoverLetterChecklist - HOW TO CREATE AN EFFECTIVE...

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