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Computer Security- A Framework Describe the four ways in which tomorrow’s security threats will be worse than today’s. Attacks will be more frequent. They are roughly doubling in number each year. There will be growing randomness in victim selection. Small obscure firms will not be safe. A larger percentage of attacks will be malicious. Most today really are not, but the trend is to be more damaging. Attacks will be more automated, allowing greater numbers of victims per attack. b) Should we plan based upon current experiences? Explain. No. Tomorrow’s threat environment will be far worse, and protections have to be based on future attacks, not just today’s attacks. a) What is hacking? Hacking is intentionally accessing (using) a computer without authorization or beyond authorized permission. b) Are hackers distinguished from other attackers by their skill or by their use of attack software? Skill. And dogged persistence. Most hacks are not done quickly except to exploit a major vulnerability. c) Describe the motivations of elite hackers. Vary widely. Thrill of the exploit. Reputation among other hackers. Vandalism. Crime. d) Distinguish between white hat hackers, black hat hackers, and gray hat hackers.
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White hat hackers hack but tell the systems administrator about vulnerabilities. Black hats hack but do not help the victim systems administrator. Grey hats do both. Sometimes, paid attackers doing vulnerability testing are called white hat hackers. e) What are ethical hackers? These are hackers who have codes of ethics. These codes usually some actions which allow many victims would call harm. f) Are white hat hacking and ethical hacking defenses against criminal
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security-frmwrk-ak - Computer Security- A Framework...

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