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BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures 2006/7 Stage 1 – Certificate of Higher Education (Cert. HE) Semester Module  Module Title Status CR 1-2 SA0701A  Project X Core 1-2 SA0721A  Object Oriented Programming 1 Core 1-2 SA0771A  Introduction to Ethical Hacking Core 1 SA0711A  The Personal Computer Core 2 LA0750A  Law Core CR = Credit Rating (SCOTCATS) Stage 2 – Diploma in Higher Education (Dip HE) Semester Module Module Title Status CR 1-2 SA0812A  Computer Networking Core 1-2 SA0871A  Computer Hacking Ethics Core 1 SA0814A  Operating systems Core 1 SA0831A  Client Side Web Development Core 2 SA0813A  Scripting Technologies Core 2 SA0851A  Databases Core CR = Credit Rating (SCOTCATS) Stage 3 – Scottish Bachelor Degree (BSc) Semester
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Unformatted text preview: Module Module Title Status CR 1-2 SA0941A Mobile Computing Core 1-2 SA0971A Ethical Computer Hacking Core 1 SA0913A Computer Networking Core 1 SA0914A Forensic Computing Core 2 SA0901A Group Project Core CR = Credit Rating (SCOTCATS) Stage 4 - Bachelor Degree with Honours (BSc) Semester Module Module Title Status CR 1 SA1001A Honours Project preparation Core 1 SA1011A Network Management Core 1 SA1032A XML Technologies Core 2 SA1000A Honours Project Core 2 SA1042A Mobile Phone Technology Core 2 SA1071A Penetration Testing Core CR = Credit Rating (SCOTCATS) //home/vdimitrov/29031/a0e387a33455662a40d875918b33ad77b0d8929d.doc 17 May 06...
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