Au 2010 TR Syllabus Finalx

Au 2010 TR Syllabus Finalx - Psychology 100 AUTUMN QUARTER...

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1 Welcome students! GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 100 is an introductory level course in which basic content in several main sub-fields of the discipline are surveyed. This course fulfills, in part, the requirements of the Social Diversity and Social Science components of the University's General Education Curriculum (GEC), and is a prerequisite for more advanced coursework and study. REQUIRED CUSTOM TEXTBOOK :: Lilienfeld, Lynn, Namy, & Woolf, Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding , Custom Edition, Publisher: Pearson, ISBN #: 978-0-555-05055-2. This book is also available as an e-book. See for more information. COURSE WEBSITE :: EACH STUDENT MUST BRING A PICTURE I.D. TO ALL EXAMS. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TAKE THE EXAM WITHOUT A PROPER I.D. QUIZZES : Your Instructor determines your quiz dates, topics, format, and policies. Quizzes are graded on a standardized scale; see your instructor’s personal syllabus for more detailed quiz information. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE PROGRAM (REP): See the REP syllabus for information about requirements and grading. EXAMINATION PROCEDURES : Exams I and II will be given during your normal class time in your normal classroom. The final exam will be given during Finals week. The exam time and Location is TBA. Exam I covers all of the required readings from the text through October 12. Exam II covers required readings from October 19 through November 2, as well as topics covered in the five most missed questions from Exam I. The Final Exam covers required readings from November 9 through December 2, as well as the topics covered in the top 5 most missed questions from Exam II. MAKE-UP POLICIES . Students are expected to take their examinations at the times and dates specified on the syllabus. On those rare occasions when students cannot take the exam at the scheduled time, they must notify their instructor of the circumstances preventing them from taking the exam. Notification of absence should be given prior to the exam, but under no circumstances later than the next scheduled class meeting. In the case of the final exam, the student MUST be registered for the make-up by the last class day of the quarter. (NOTE: The instructor may require written documentation of the student's reason for missing the exam.) If the instructor decides that the reason(s) for the absence is/are valid, the student will be scheduled for the make-up exam. The student MUST be officially registered for the make-up exam no later than the next scheduled class meeting. Notification of absence must always be accompanied by INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION to take the make- up exam to ensure continued registration in the course. The make-up examination will include several short essay and semi- objective questions. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to take an exam early . Students who are unable to take the make-up examination must
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Au 2010 TR Syllabus Finalx - Psychology 100 AUTUMN QUARTER...

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