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Rules for Online Discussions 1) In order to receive credit for participating online you must have posted by midnight on the specified date. 2) If you post something I, or others view as disrespectful I will remove your post and you won’t get credit for it. Similarly, if you find a post disrespectful, please let me know. 3) Read the comments of your classmates and respond to their ideas. 4) If you simply repeat someone else’s comments, that’s plagiarism. 5) You may agree or disagree with someone’s post, but if you do so you must explain your position with something new. 6) Monitor the discussion; someone may reply to your post and you may wish to follow up. Be careful though not to get caught up in “winning” a debate.
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Unformatted text preview: 7) If you express an opinion, support itwith material from the book, from class discussion, or from some other source. 8) If you have questions about the reading material, something we discussed in class, etc, feel free to ask in the What?? forum. If you think you know the answer, please post it; this is an area for you to help each other out, so be sure to check regularly, even if you dont have a question. 9) Be careful not to plagiarize! Not knowing the guidelines is no excuse for plagiarism; if you are unfamiliar with them, follow the link under course material to the Committee on Academic Misconduct. If you do plagiarize you will be reported to the committee on academic misconduct....
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