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REP Waiting Area map - Ground Floor First Floor LZ-South...

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Unformatted text preview: Ground Floor First Floor LZ-South LAZENBY HALL LAZENBY HALL LZ-1st LZ-B ENTRANCE ENTRANCE ENTRANCE ENTRANCE N N PS-G PS-1st ENTRANCE ENTRANCE ENTRANCE WEST ENTRANCE PSYCHOLOGY BUILDING PSYCHOLOGY BUILDING PS-West Second Floor LZ-2nd LAZENBY HALL REP Office: LZ 222 REP Waiting Areas OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY 222 Lazenby Hall and Psychology Building Restrooms N Elevator PS-2nd Stairs Waiting Areas REP Office Stadium PSYCHOLOGY BUILDING For directions to the "Stadium" waiting area, see page 4 of the Experiment Option Instructions. Do not go into any classrooms. All waiting areas are located in public hallways. Researchers will meet you in the waiting area indicated on your schedule. For questions, see Paula Sheehan in the LZ-1st waiting area. ...
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