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Page | 1 REP Experiment Option Instructions At OSU, ongoing research has significantly contributed to the science of psychology and to the training of students. Your participation as a research participant ensures the continuation of these scientific and educational goals. What you can expect: You will be exposed to a variety of techniques and investigative tools used in psychology, as well as current research topics. Please be assured that all research using human participants is carefully evaluated and screened to make sure that your comfort, your rights as an individual, and your personal integrity are preserved. If you choose the experiment option, you may signal your informed consent to participate in experiments by clicking “ Enroll ” on the REP web site. When you arrive at an experiment, the researcher will provide additional information about that particular study. If you find a particular experiment disturbing once you have begun, you may withdraw without penalty and still receive full credit. In such instances, we ask that you report your experience to the REP Office. At the conclusion of each experiment, researchers will provide a debriefing that explains the purpose of the experiment and the ideas behind their research. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how psychological research is conducted. A thorough debriefing is your right and will help enrich your learning in Psychology 100. Requirements for the Experiment Option: You must be at least 18 years old to participate in experiments. (Minors must enroll in the PAPER option.) Your course requirement for REP is 21 points of research credit. As you schedule sessions, the first 7 hours (by session date) in your schedule will count 3 points per hour. o You do not earn points for any sessions you miss, but they stay in your schedule as marked absences. Additional sessions beyond the first 7 scheduled hours will count 1.5 points per hour. You may earn up to 3 points of extra credit beyond the 21 required points by: Participating in online prescreening at the beginning of the quarter (1 point) Completing extra research experiments (1.5 points per hour)
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Page | 2 Instructions for Completing the Experiment Option STEP 1: Register with REP Online What is REP Online? REP Online is a website that the Psychology Department developed to allow students to sign-up for Psychology experiments over the internet. The REP Online website address is: Web Site: http://rep.psy.ohio-state.edu/ Username: Your lastname.##@osu.edu Remove “buckeyemail” from your address. Messages will forward to your email account. Password: Your password is sent to your email address when you activate your account. Please keep it private. For additional help, email the REP office: [email protected] .
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