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Oddessy 16-20 - Book 13 Book The Phaeacians send Odysseus...

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Unformatted text preview: Book 13 Book The Phaeacians send Odysseus home Odysseus (and loot) is left on the beach Poseidon's revenge − − Boat turned to stone in the harbor City encircled by a mountain Odysseus lies to the disguised Athena The two schemers Disguised, Odysseus is sent off to the swineherd Book 14 Book Eumaeus displays fine Xenia Eumaeus Xenia − The best in the book? Odysseus tells a lie about who he is Promises that Odysseus is returning soon Odysseus tells a story to get a cloak Book 15 Book Athena brings Telemachus home − − Sparta to Pylos Theoclymenus joins, Peisistratus stays Exiled son of a seer - (a murderer) Exiled Eumaeus tells Odysseus his story − − − Prince in a 'Eutopia' Kidnapped by Phoenicians as a boy Laertes bought him, raised him Telemachus sneaks back into Ithaca Book 16 – Father and Son Book Telemachus visits Eumaeus Telemachus − − − “And as a loving father embraces his own son And come back from a distant land after ten long years, His only son, greatly beloved and much sorrowed for – So did the noble swineherd clasp Telemachus and kiss him all over...” 16.19-23 16.19-23 clasp Odysseus offers his seat, but gets to keep it “Telemachus spoke to the godlike swineherd: Telemachus “Where did this stranger come from, Papa?” “Where 16.62-63 16.62-63 The question of 'epithets' and a pig-herder Book 16 – Son of a Hero Book Telemachus, “Wise beyond his years” − “I am still young, and don't have the am confidence to defend myself if someone picks a fight. As for my mother, her heart is torn. She can't decide whether to stay here with me...or to go away with whichever man among her suitors is the best of the Achaeans, and the and offers the most gifts.” 16.76-84 16.76-84 offers − Proper xenia promised Proper xenia − Echoes of Achilles and Menelaus/Agamemnon Who taught him? Odysseus' rebuke Book 16 – Dad? Book Eumaeus leaves, Athena unveils Odysseus − “You cannot be my father.... You can be sure You that no other Odysseus will ever come.” 16. 206-217. 16. that The Return of Martin Guerre The Return − France, 16th c. 114+ suitors − “Do you think that Athena and her father, Zeus, Do would be help enough? Or should I think of more? … You're talking about two excellent allies, although they do sit a little high in the clouds and have to rule the whole world and the gods as well.” 16.273-279 well.” 16.273-279 Book 17 Book Telemachus chats with mom − − The suitors see him back home Tales of voyage − Xenia for Theoclymenus Eumaeus and Odysseus walk to town − Melanthius the goat-herd He prophesies Odysseus' return Penelope has heard 'seers' before Argus “Where are you taking this walking pile of shit, Where you miserable hog-tender, this diseased beggar who will slobber all over our feasts?” 17.236-240 17.236-240 who Books 17-18 Books Odysseus begs from the suitors − Beggars' brawl − Irus is a bad guest. Xenia goes two ways Irus goes Athena 'freshens up' Penelope − − All but Antinous give him food She shows herself to the suitors Gets gifts from each of them Odysseus and Eurymachus taunt each other Book 19 – Man and Wife Book Penelope: “I just waste away with longing for Penelope: Odysseus. My suitors press on, and I weave my wiles.” wiles.” 19.148-149 19.148-149 − Unweaving the shroud “Now I can't escape the marriage. I'm at my wits Now end. My parents are pressing me to marry, and my son agonizes over the fact that these men are devouring his inheritance.” are 19.170-173. 19.170-173. Odysseus tells his Cretan lie. − But says he is coming home soon. Book 19 – A True Lie? Book “Odysseus, from his mind's teeming depths” − “...how he should return to Ithaca – openly or ...how in secret – after being gone so long. So he is safe, and will come soon. He is very near, and will not be away long from his dear ones and his native land. I will swear to this.” 19.328-332 19.328-332 his “Penelope, watching him carefully” − “Of all the travelers who have come to my Of house, none, dear guest, have been as thoughtful as you and none as welcome, so wise are your words.” 19.381-383. 19.381-383. wise Book 19 – The Old Nurse Book “Eurycleia, rise and wash your master's – that is, wash the Eurycleia, feet of this man who is your master's age.” 19.388-389. 19.388-389. feet − A play on word order in the Greek The scar of Odysseus − − Grandpa's hunting trip The tradition of telling stories of his kleos The kleos Trembling with mingled joy and grief... − “You are Odysseus, dear child. I did not know you You until I laid my hands on my master's body.” 19.520-521 19.520-521 until − A hand at the throat and a death threat Book 19 – Penelope's Dream Book Penelope asks for advice: stay or go? A dream of 20 geese slain by an eagle − 20 years? 20 suitors? − Odysseus confident, Penelope in doubt − “I grieve because the eagle killed my geese.” Gate of ivory: lies, fiction Gate of horn: truth “My strange dream, though, did not come from My there (the horn gate). If it had, it would have been welcome to me and my child.” 19.622-624 19.622-624 been A final contest: the bow and axes Book 20 – The End Draws Nigh Odysseus sleeps Penelope prays − “Artemis...please, shoot an arrow into my Artemis...please, breast and take my life this very moment.” 20.66-67. 20.66-67. breast The last and final day – Zeus thunders More feasting, more insults − “Meanwhile, down in town, heralds were leading a Meanwhile, sacrifice of one hundred bulls through the streets, and Achaean men, their long hair flowing, were gathering in a shady grove sacred to Apollo, the god whose arrows strike from afar.” - 21.276-303. 21.276-303. arrows − Theoclymenus speaks: “The sun is gone from heaven, Theoclymenus and an evil mist spreads over the land.” 20.392 20.392 and ...
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