ENGG1802_2011_Semester_2 - FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND...

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FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES ENGG1802: ENGINEERING MECHANICS Semester 2, 2011 | 6 Credit Points | Coordinator(s): Luming Shen, Ahmad Jabbarzadeh 1. INTRODUCTION The unit aims to provide students with an understanding of and competence in solving statics problems in engineering. Tutorial sessions will help students to improve their group work and problem solving skills, and gain competency in extracting a simplified version of a problem from a complex situation. Emphasis is placed on the ability to work in 3D as well as 2D, including the 2D and 3D visualization of structures and structural components, and the vectorial 2D and 3D representations of spatial points, forces and moments. 2. LEARNING OUTCOMES Learning outcomes are the key abilities and knowledge that will be assessed in this unit. See assessment summary table below for details of which outcomes are assessed where. Outcomes are listed according to the course goals that they support. Design and Problem Solving Skills 1. Be able to apply a logical approach for solving a complex engineering problem Fundamentals of Science and Engineering 2. Be able to draw a correct free body diagram for any engineering entity 3. Be able to calculate the value of unknown forces and moments acting on any three dimensional object from the equilibrium equations 4. Be able to calculate the force in an internal member of a simple structure 5. Be able to calculate the forces acting as a result of two objects in contact 6. Be able to find the centre of mass or centroid of an object 7. Be able to calculate reaction forces under action of distributed forces for different structures 8. Be able to use the principle of virtual work to calculate known forces for a system in equilibrium For further details of course goals related to these learning outcomes, see online unit outline at http:// cusp.eng.usyd.edu.au/ students/ view- unit- page/ alpha/ ENGG1802 . 3. ASSESSMENT TASKS
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ENGG1802_2011_Semester_2 - FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND...

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