13 - Milk & Dairy Products

13 - Milk & Dairy Products - Milk Dairy Products...

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March 24-29, 2010 2006 US milk and dairy product production: (kg in billions) 1 kilo = 1 L Milk (total milk production) Beverage Milk Cheese Yogurt Dried/Canned milks Butter Frozen desserts (Ex. ice cream, etc) 82.5 25.1 4.3 1.35 0.74 0.61 5.7 In Canada, 7.85 billions of kilos; Ontario 2.3 billions of kilos ~1/3 total milk production is consumed as beverage milk Yogurt consumption has increased over the last few years, due to new products and demand (probiotics, etc) Milk is synthesized and secreted by mammary glands of lactating mother o Average Holstein cow produces ~7055kg/year of milk in a 305 lactation period o Holstein cows are the major dairy-producing cows (best milk producers) The smallest unit of synthesis is an alveolus o Within the alveoli are the secretory epithelial cells Holstein cows are the major dairy cows Jersey cows are valued for their slightly higher fat content in milk therefore products are richer premium product o Not as regularly used because Jersey cows are tempered (hard to deal with) Dairy Production Producers have milk picked up by a marketing board (ex. Ontario Milk Board) from farm ~2-3 times a week Temperature checks are done Milk is pasteurized for retail or further processing If a cow is known to be healthy, consuming the milk, even if unpasteurized, is safe for most individuals Some of the milk proteins come from circulation (antibodies & immunoglobulins from mother’s blood system gets transported into the milk)
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13 - Milk & Dairy Products - Milk Dairy Products...

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