syllabus - mis 301 - 003-004 - fall 2011

syllabus - mis 301 - 003-004 - fall 2011 - MIS 301 003/004...

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MIS 301 – 003/004 – Intro to Business Information Systems – Fall 2011 Professor Jon W. Beard, Ph.D. Office Hours: TTh 12:00 – 1:30 PM E-mail: [email protected] Tu 4:45 – 5:30 PM Enterprise Hall 137 Tu 6:30 – 7:20 PM Office Phone – 703-993-1829 (almost) any time my door is open and by appointment Textbook: Baltzan, P. & Phillips, A. S. (2010). Business Driven Technology, 4 th Edition . McGraw-Hill. There are several different versions of this text. A hardcover version and a looseleaf version are available in the bookstore for the same price. Each version has its benefits. New copies (of both versions) also include a premium access registration to additional materials through the publisher website, e.g., some reading materials, sample and practice quizzes, review materials, etc. (Note: Those buying a used version of the text can purchase the premium access separately from the publisher for ~$15.) An “International” version, i.e., softcover, can be found on the Internet through many on-line retailers, although it does not include several Business Plug-Ins. There is also an electronic version available through the publisher via the Internet. Finally, eBay has a free iPhone app called – take a picture of the book’s bar code and the software will “trawl” the web for the best price.) Any of these versions will work, as long as it is for the 4 th Edition (i.e., w/ a 2010 copyright date). Online Resources – Textbook – (Publisher’s website), plus Premium content materials Course – Blackboard 9.1 (see Course Materials section below) Other Resources – Other reading materials may be assigned. Generally, these will be posted on Blackboard (either in their entirety or via a link to a website) or handed out in class. Refer to the schedule below for a list of reading materials that are already scheduled/assigned. It is strongly recommended that you take notes in class. PowerPoint slides will typically be posted for each chapter or Business Plug-In (BPI) prior to that class. These provide a good high-level view of the material from the chapter, but they DO NOT necessarily include all details/definitions that you will need to master for the exams/quizzes. Software – (PC versions of) Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access will both be used in this class. If you don’t already own or have access to this software, they are available in the computer labs across campus ( ). (Note that there can be compatibility issues with the PC and the Mac versions of the software. It is your responsibility to make sure your assignments meet the required PC standards.) Further, Microsoft Access is available for download free of charge to registered School of Management (SOM) students through the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) agreement. During the first week of the semester you should receive an email from the SOM IT support
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syllabus - mis 301 - 003-004 - fall 2011 - MIS 301 003/004...

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