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Copy the SQL statements to a text file and name it as id-name 1. Write an SQL statement that would display the employees’ names, salary, department numbers and department names from the emp and the dept tables. The employees’ names should be capitalized while the department names in lower case. Example : SMITH 800 10 sales SELECT UPPER (ename), sal, deptno, LOWER ( dname) FROM dept JOIN emp USING (deptno) 2. Write an SQL statement to update the dept table such that the location of CHICAGO is changed to “ RICHMOND”. UPDATE dept SET loc = 'RICHMOND WHERE loc = 'CHICAGO' 3. Create a table called final with the following fields: test_no as a number with 3 numbers data size, test_name as a varchar2 with 10 characters data size, test_date as date data type. Create a primary key for the table as test_no and a UNIQUE constraint on test_name column and a DEFAULT constraint on the test_date column as sysdate. Create table final (test_no number(3) PRIMARY KEY, test_name varchar2(10) UNIQUE, test_date date DEFAULT SYSDATE) 4. Insert into the final table the following values: 01 CIS215 21-Jan-10 02 CIS102 22-Jan-10 03 CIS310 5. Alter the above table to modify the test_no column size from 3 to 5. ALTER TABLE FINAL MODIFY (TEST_NO NUMBER (5)) Table altered . SQL> DESC FINAL
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SQL-Practical.doc-ANSWER KEY - ANSWER KEY Copy the SQL...

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