Brazilian Cargo Airlines Selection

Brazilian Cargo Airlines Selection - ISAHP 2007, Via Del...

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ISAHP 2007, Viña Del Mar, Chile, August- 8-3, 2007 USING ANALYTIC HIERARCHY PROCESS FOR ANALYSIS AND CHOICE OF BRAZILIAN CARGO AIRLINES Miguelangelo Geimba de Lima*, Clarissa Côrtes Pires, Claudio Luis Piratelli, Mischel Carmen Neyra Belderrain , Anderson Ribeiro Correia, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA Praça Marechal Eduardo Gomes 50, Vila das Acácias São José dos Campos, SP, Brasil,,,, Keywords : Air cargo transport, logistics, competitive performance, AHP. Summary : Air cargo transport is an important driver in industrial development, integrating cargo transport and logistics, facilitating intermodality and fostering imports and exports, resulting in a significant increase in airline revenue. In addition, competition in the sector requires that these companies use strategic management tools, such as decision-making and efficiency analysis methods, in order to remain competitive and operational on the market. Due to the sector’s great importance, this survey presents a methodology for the evaluation of relevant criteria for the hiring as well as for the choice of domestic air cargo companies, using the Hierarchical Analysis (AHP) method. It is further believed that the results of this work will be directly useful to airport administrators, cargo terminals, cargo agents, highway transport companies, airlines and also to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) in putting forward efficiency–boosting suggestions by way of process improvements and audits, personnel training, infrastructure planning, and demand management. 1. Introduction The demand for air cargo transport observed in Brazil has experienced high growth rates. From 1994 to 2003 domestic and international air cargo traffic in Brazil increased by 35.9 % (DAC, 2003). In 2001 cargo handling (storage and terminal handling) accounted for 28.8% of total revenue for INFRAERO, the company that runs the 66 largest airports in Brazil. According to the cargo transport registry, in 2000 this mode was responsible for just 0.33% of the cargo transported in Brazil, in ton-km (GEIPOT, 2005). However, considering the value of the cargo transported by air for overseas trade, its contribution becomes relevant. Air transport in 2000 accounted for a 28.9% share of total imports to the country, and 8.8% of total exports (Keedi, 2001). Moreover, air transport has been taking on an important role in organizing production as a result of its speed, flexibility, reliability, and security, with great potential for being used in new logistics strategies adopted by companies, mainly in the transport of high added-value goods. Despite the importance of the cargo sector in Brazil, many authors consider in of little relevance
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Brazilian Cargo Airlines Selection - ISAHP 2007, Via Del...

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