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ex5 - 5 Illustrate why software defects can create security...

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Management Information Systems Course: BA160IU HCMC International University Date Start: 2011-11-08 Dr. Tran Manh Ha Date End: 2011-11-14 Exercise #5 Problem 5.1: Securing information systems (0 points) You use knowledge learned and supporting materials from lecture eight to address the following questions. No submission is required. 1. Illustrate why access to the Internet becomes vulnerable 2. Distinguish various malicious software such as viruses, spyware and Trojan horses 3. Distinguish various hacking forms such as sniffer, spoofing and denial of service 4. Provide security threats along with examples inside an organization
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Illustrate why software defects can create security vulnerabilities 6. Present three impacts as the result of security shortage. Provide examples 7. Illustrate why input, processing and output in applications need to be controlled. Provide examples 8. What is the main purpose of having MIS audit? Provide three examples of what need to be audited 9. Access control involves authorization and authentication. Illustrate why a system needs to control these two issues 10. What can be used to protect data transmitted on the Internet, for example email, password information, etc....
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