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facebook.com/IXOatAUS twitter.com/IXOatAUS Study abroad opportunities An exchange program allows students to take courses at any of our partner institutions in the US, Canada and Europe while paying AUS tuition and receiving AUS credit. Students can study abroad for up to 2 semesters and complete an internship after the end of the program. Students going to the US can find employment on campus during the semester. This semester we will be holding weekly information sessions in Lecture Hall B. Students interested in learning more about study abroad options, program details and application requirements are encouraged to attend, ask questions and speak with an advisor. Come to lecture Hall B at 1 PM on any of the following days: November 20th, 27th. December 4th, 5th,11th, 12th, 19th. Students are welcome to stop by MG43 or call 06 515 4027 to speak with a member of our staff. Information about and applications for all of our programs can be found on our website: http://aus.studioabroad.com Apply now for Fall 2012 !
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