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Systems Understanding Aid Check Figures Finanacial Statements Current Assets 361,269.61 Total Assets 577,190.61 Net Sales 1,516,834.18 310,343.63 Net Income 127,647.34 Net cash provided by operating activities 57,670.40 Net increase in Cash 91,745.40 Accounts Receivable Aged T/B Total Accounts Receivable 48,227.00 Current Accounts Receivable 27,122.00 Bank Reconciliation Outstanding Checks 30,845.94 Unadjusted General Ledger Balance, 12-31-09 102,798.09 Year-end Worksheet 12-31-09 Unadjusted Trial Balance Total 2,110,030.50 Adjustments Column Total 1,249,439.48 Journals Sales Journal credit to #30100 53,684.00 Purchases Journal debit to #30500 52,265.00 Cash Receipts Journal debit to #10100 115,082.36 Cash Disbursements Journal credit to #10100 73,560.03 Payroll Journal debit to #40500 15,022.65 General Ledger Balances #10100 - Cash 102,770.59 #30100 - Sales (pre-closing) 1,593,351.00 #30500 - Purchases (pre-closing) 1,130,765.00 #30400 - Cost of Goods Sold (pre-closing) 1,028,368.34 Operating Expenses (excluding COGS, Interest  expense & FIT)
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WAREN SPORTS SUPPLY, YEAR-END WORKSHEET, DECEMBER 31, 2009 TRANSACTIONS LIST A Instructor_______________________Date Due_________________ (Accounts with no activity in this worksheet are excluded in this solution.) 12/31/2008 12/31/2009 ADJUSTED INCOME BALANCE ACCT ACCOUNT POST CLOSING UNADJUSTED YEAR-END ADJUSTMENTS TRIAL BALANCE STATEMENT SHEET NO. TITLE TRIAL BALANCE TRIAL BALANCE DEBIT CREDIT DEBIT CREDIT ID # DEBIT ID # CREDIT DEBIT CREDIT DEBIT CREDIT DEBIT CREDIT ASSETS 10100 Cash 11,025.19 0.00 0.00 10200 Accounts receivable 11,065.00
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SUAFALL08 - SystemsUnderstandingAid CheckFigures Finanacial...

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