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HW7 - EEL3105 Fall2011 Homework7 1 d2y dy dy k 16 y 0 y(0...

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EEL 3105 Fall 2011 Homework 7 1. Consider the 2 nd order differential equation 2 2 16 0, (0) 1, (0) 0 d y dy dy k y y dt dt dt Find solution y(t) for the following values of k: k=12, k=6, k=5.6, k=2, k=0, k= 1. Choose a suitable time interval and plot these solutions. You can use MATLAB or some other computational math tool for plotting y(t). Comment on your answers. 2. Consider the differential equation 2 2 5.6 16 ( ) d y dy y r t dt dt Find impulse response of this system. In other words, find y(t) for r(t) = unit impulse function and initial
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