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China and the World Complete Notes

China and the World Complete Notes - GOV 2827 China and the...

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GOV 2827 China and the World Notes First Lecture: Locating China’s Place in Today’s World: How Much of a Challenge (Especially to US)? Agenda 1) How we perceive China (China’s place in the popular US consciousness) and how the Chinese view us 2) Elite Perceptions and Official Views (A mix of concerns and cautious optimism) a) Many Chinese fear American hegemony and view it as a threat 3) Is there a “China Threat?” 4) Image in International Politics a) China rented out space in Times Square for an ad that played on Western qualities of China b) Tried to “build bridges” and show how Chinese culture is similar to American culture b.i)It shows what it means to be Chinese today because all of the Chinese were nationals b.ii) Puts China’s rise in the face of the American public 5) American Perceptions of China a) Racial stereotyping of Asia (“undifferentiated yellow horde”) has persisted throughout American history b) Up until Cold War, direct references to race c) Political language still framed in indirect tropes of “YELLOW PERIL” c.i) 2000 presidential campaign, Pat Buchanon shows Chinese general with bushy eyebrows, etc. 6) New Era: Rise of New Images (good and bad) a) Positive Images: (a.i.1) China as a Non-threatening other (a.i.1.a) Beijing promotes this image on the international stage (a.i.2) Panda Diplomacy (a.i.2.a) Beijing diplomats want internationals to associate China with pandas, and other positive images (a.i.2.b) “panda hugger” – scholar who is too soft on China (a.i.3) The Great Wall: The Requisite Stop for All Foreign Guests (a.i.3.a) Well-known aspect of China amongst Americans (a.i.4) Culinary Exports: The most common intersection between East and West (a.i.4.a) No country has such a strong culinary presence (a.i.4.b) Chinese restaurants are solely operated by Chinese, usually b) The China Threat: An Authoritarian Dragon on the Rise b.i)Negative images: (b.i.1) Tiananmen Square, June 4 th , 1989 (b.i.1.a) Student demonstration put down by the Chinese Government (b.i.1.b) Marshall Law declared in Beijing (b.i.1.c) Student protests put down by the Peoples Liberation Army (b.i.1.d) Carlson thinks that many congressmen believe US-China relations are still in “Tiananmen square” mode (b.i.2) Conflict Across the Straight – Taiwan
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(b.i.2.a) Sense that Taiwan is an ally of the Unites States, and a country we must defend and support because of promises made and America’s international relations (b.i.3) Growing Military Capabilities (b.i.3.a) They have developed stealth fighters (b.i.4) Economic Superpower (b.i.5) The Legacy of Mao (b.i.5.a) China as a Maoist country, a revolutionary country (b.i.5.b) There is something ideologically threatening about the PRC (b.i.5.b.i) However, there is much more fluidity in China than most scholars today acknowledge b.i.5.b.i.1. The satirical rabbit video that made reference to political controversies within the past year went viral – it must have resonated within the popular consciousness b.i.5.b.i.2. However, we cannot know if this is really representative of
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China and the World Complete Notes - GOV 2827 China and the...

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