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Instrumentation in Laboratory - Instrumentation in the...

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Instrumentation in the Laboratory Group Participants: Jason Christian , Connor Dennis, Josh Istas Section Number: 416 Meeting Time: 7:30-10:20 September 21, 2006 TA: Amanda Reeves Introduction Chemists used to use their senses to identify chemicals; for example, they identified acids by their sour smell. Today, we have instruments used to determine different properties of chemicals such as pH, temperature, melting point, etc. In this week’s experiment, experimenters used pH and temperature probes to analyze and compare acids and bases. Experimental Experiment Part 1 First, check to make sure that all probes are connected to the pH amplifier. Next, calibrate the pH probe as directed by the website in the references. Obtain, in a small beaker, 3 mL of each chemical: dish soap, vinegar, 409 cleaner, baking soda, ammonia, and lemon juice. Use the pH probe and Logger Pro to measure and record the pH of each chemical. In addition, record colors of each chemical and any other observations. Experiment Part 2 Set up the contraption with the burette holder, 250 mL beaker, pH probe, temperature probe, stand, and holders. Rinse the burette with NaOH by pouring a small amount of the solution into the burette, rotating the burette horizontally with the stopcock closed, and
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Instrumentation in Laboratory - Instrumentation in the...

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