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Interpersonal Attraction_Outline (1)

Interpersonal Attraction_Outline (1) - Interpersonal...

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Interpersonal Attraction_Outline 1 Interpersonal Attraction Quiz People who are very different from each other often form meaningful relationships with each other (Opposites do indeed attract)? One of the most powerful predictors of whether people will become friends is how often they cross paths? Most people prefer mirror images of the self to an accurate picture of the self? As it turns out, physical attractiveness is a relatively minor factor in predicting attraction. Falling in love is all about knowing the self and finding someone compatible with your qu alities? (“You complete me!”) Interpersonal attraction: First Impressions 1.) Something about the liked Physical attractiveness Hatfield et al. (1966) What is attractive? Both sexes large eyes, prominent cheekbones, and a big smile (baby face) Women a small nose and chin, narrow cheeks, and high eyebrows Men a large chin Top Ten Qualities in a Romantic Partner Being attractive buys you a lot
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