prejudice - Social Sources Social categorizing and Social...

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How pervasive is prejudice? Less blatant, but still widespread Measures of subtle prejudice Bogus pipeline IAT- Implicit Association Test Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination The Affective component A hostile or negative attitude toward a distinguishable group or people, based solely on the membership in that group Stereotytping The Cognitive Component Ageneratio nabout a group of people in which identical characteristic \ are assigned to virtually all members of the group, rregardless of actuall vas among the members Allports ( 1954) “ law of least effort” - stereotype simplify a compley world Discrimination The Behavioral Component An unjustified negative or harmful action toward a member of a group, simply because of his and her membership in that group,. Excludes dislike someone-Must include a behavior Dennys' Example: 1994
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What causes Prejudice Cognitive Sources Emotional Sources
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Unformatted text preview: Social Sources Social categorizing and Social Identity Theory vs. Them Ingroup Bias Tendency to favor ur own grouP MinimaL Group PARADIGM ( Tajfel) Social Categorization and Social Identity Theory: Us vs. Them • Minimal Group Paradigm (Tajfel) • The mere separation of people into groups leads people to form stereotypes about the outgroup • Create arbitrary groups and in order to feel good about the self, we afford the new group benefits and positive evaluations • In-group bias leads to self esteem maintenance and enhancement • Quattrone & Jones (1980)- Rutgers vs Princeton study • Percentage will choose the same music as target? Cognitive Sources of Prejudices • The Activation of Stereotypes Automatic and controlled information processing ( Devine, 1989) • Stereotypes are automatic • Low prejudice decided NOT to use them • Amygdala (Fiske, 2004)...
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prejudice - Social Sources Social categorizing and Social...

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