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Molecular Geometry Group Participants: Jason Christian , Connor Dennis, Josh Istas Section Number: 416 Meeting Time: 7:30-10:20 October 26, 2006 TA: Amanda Reeves Discussion Fullerenes are the third form of carbon, the first two being diamond and graphite. The Buckminister Fullerene (Buckyball) contains 60 carbons with a geometry shaped like a soccer ball. Recently, buckyballs have been produced by the pound rather than much smaller quantities. The Buckminister Fullerene was a static molecule. Geometry is made form the attractive and repulsive properties of the electrons. Bonds tend to repel other bonds. Thus, the geometry of the structure places atoms as far apart as possible around the central atom. When atoms were bound together to form molecules, they were arranged with the least electronegative atom surrounded by the rest of the atoms. The shapes of the molecules were determined by the number of bonds in the molecules and the number of lone pairs of electrons surrounding the central atom. The
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