Diphenhydramin hydroclorid - DIPHENHYDRAMIN HYDROCLORID...

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DIPHENHYDRAMIN HYDROCLORID Diphenhydraminum hydrocloridum C 17 H 21 NO. HCl P.t.l: 291,8 Diphenhydramin hydroclorid là 2-(Diphenylmethoxy)- N,N -dimethylethanamin hydroclorid, ph i ch a t ứ ừ 99,0 đ n 101,0% C ế 17 H 21 NO. HCl, tính theo ch ph m khan. ế Tính ch t B t k t tinh tr ng hay g n nh tr ng, r t d tan trong n c, d tan trong ethanol 96%. ế ư ắ ấ ễ ướ Đ nh tính Có th ch n m t trong hai nhóm đ nh tính sau: Nhóm I: A, D. Nhóm II: B, C, D. A. Ph h ng ngo i (Ph l c 4.2) c a ch ph m ph i phù h p v i ph h ng ngo i c a ụ ụ ế diphenhydramin hydroclorid chu n (ĐC). B. Hòa tan 50 mg ch ph m trong ế ethanol 96% (TT) và pha loãng thành 100,0 ml v i cùng dung môi. Ghi ph h p th (Ph l c 4.1) c a dung d ch này trong kho ng b c sóng t 230 nm đ n 350 nm. ổ ấ ụ ụ ướ ế Ph thu đ c có 3 c c đ i h p th b c sóng 253 nm, 258 nm và 264 nm. T s đ h p th đo
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This note was uploaded on 12/28/2011 for the course PHARMACEUT 101 taught by Professor Yentrang during the Spring '11 term at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

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Diphenhydramin hydroclorid - DIPHENHYDRAMIN HYDROCLORID...

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