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Memorial Hospital is a 265-bed regional health care facil- ity located in the mountains of western North Carolina. The mission of the hospital is to provide quality health care to the people of Ashe County and the six surrounding counties. To accomplish this mission, Memorial Hospital’s CEO has outlined three objectives: (1) maximize customer service to increase customer satisfaction, (2) minimize costs to remain competitive, and (3) minimize fluctuations in workforce levels to help stabilize area employment. The hospital’s operations are segmented into eight major wards for the purposes of planning and scheduling the nursing staff. These wards are listed in Table C11.1 along with the number of beds, targeted patient-to-nurse ratios, and average patient census for each ward. The overall demand for hospital services has remained rela- tively constant over the past few years even though the population of the seven counties served has increased. This stable demand can be attributed to increased competition from other hospitals in the area and the rise in alternative health care delivery systems such as health maintenance organizations (HMOs). However, demand for Memorial Hospital’s services does vary considerably by type of ward and time of year. Table C11.2 provides a historical monthly breakdown of the average daily patient census per ward.
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Aggregate Planning - 41747_ch11case01 5/3/02 2:31 PM Page 1...

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