CIS 2200 CLASS NOTES - CIS 2200 CLASS NOTES Formula- a...

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Unformatted text preview: CIS 2200 CLASS NOTES Formula- a statement of calculation Function- Canned program that produces an action. I.e. a sum function algorithm runs behind. Dependent- columns that you solve for (has a function or a formula) Independent columns- are column that you input. Table of assumptions- formula or function reference are use repeatedly in the spreadsheet. Use of table of assumption instead of varying hard #s . 1. Tells you where your hard numbers are. 2. Can change a mass amount of employees number by changing the % 3. If any percentage change so with the cell reference referring to the Table of Assumptions. 4. Input values(used in formulas throughout all spreadsheets. Decision making statement- =IF(AND(ISTEXT(K17),K17<> EX. Salary contributions COMPOUND DECISION MAKING STATEMENT- IF(AND(ISTEXT(I17),TOUND(VALUE($D$37)/100*H17,2),0) TRUNCATE- TO SHORTEN H-LOOKUP- horizontal lookup V-LOOKUP- vertical lookup Workbook- made up of spreadsheet each reflected by tabs in the bottom of the sheet, makes work transparent. CHAPTER 1- BUSINESS DRIVEN TECHNOLOGY Thomas J. Friedman- Columnist for the NY TIMES Wrote the book the world is flat Introduced globalization- doing business with people all over the world Idea of interconnectedness; everybody is always connected Something abroad affects us here (locally) Distance doesnt matter Time is on a world clock (24/7) India, China and Russia = 3 billion people Service Level Agreement (SLA)- standard of performance, must be closed within a period of time to meet SLA goal. Computing system much more sophisticated now, flat earth brought many new players into the game. 2 large countries and made them effective( china and India) Biggest deals being done in china, India and Malaysia. ( Shanghai biggest city in the world) (234 countries counted) China has bullet trains on line the US competiveness falls far behind....
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This note was uploaded on 12/28/2011 for the course CIS 2200 taught by Professor Schor during the Spring '10 term at CUNY Baruch.

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CIS 2200 CLASS NOTES - CIS 2200 CLASS NOTES Formula- a...

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