Test 3 Class Notes - Delivery Styles - Manuscript Not very...

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Delivery Styles - Manuscript Not very effective (used by President Obama) - Memorized word for word (you can lose your place/forget) - Impromptu - Extemporaneous Delivery - Impromptu vs. Extemporaneous - Impromptu – a speech presented with little or no significant prior preparation - Extemporaneous – a speech carefully prepared, practiced, and then presented with few, if any, notes Extemporaneous Delivery 1. Create an outline (mind map) 2. Write the speech 3. Created key word speaking notes 4. Practice and adapt - Brief speaking notes - Visible speaking notes (large and legible) - Unobtrusive notes - Conversational tone - Employ immediacy behaviors - Speak loudly enough to be heard - Do not read a speech word for word - Do not read or stare at computers - Avoid “written vocabulary” - Voice, eyes, and body work in harmony - Avoid/minimize disinfluences and qualifiers (um, uh, like, you know – filler words) - Speak with enthusiasm and conviction - Dress effectively - Step up and speak with confidence and authority - Get set up before speaking - *Establish and maintain eye contact - Stand and move effectively - Begin without looking at your notes (draw them in, set the tone) - Don’t pack up early - Move out confidently when finished Open and Close Strong - Start strong in any setting
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o First impressions are impacting - Concluding bland or weak o “Any questions?” (you didn’t tell them everything) o Thank you Results of Extemporaneous Delivery *on the exam - Comfortable - Conversational - Confident - Compelling Two Theories 1. Primacy Theory – audience will remember to hear first thing they hear 2. Recency Theory – audience will remember last thing they hear (most recent) Introductions - Attention - Motivation (ELM relevance and ability) - Credibility - Purpose Types of Introductions
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Test 3 Class Notes - Delivery Styles - Manuscript Not very...

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