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Final Geog 266-2010vf

Final Geog 266-2010vf - Profs Leila Carvalho and Joel...

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Profs. Leila Carvalho and Joel Michaelsen Final Geog 266 – 2010 Due: June 11, 2010 A major tornado outbreak occurred on May 10, 2010 and affected large areas of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Numerous tornadoes, some large and multiple-vortex in nature, affected large parts of Oklahoma and adjacent parts of southern Kansas and Missouri, with the most destructive tornadoes causing severe damage in southern suburbs of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and just east of Norman, Oklahoma, where the fatalities were reported from both tornado tracks. The outbreak was responsible for two fatalities, both of which occurred in Oklahoma: a 41-year-old man in Oklahoma City and a 27-year-old woman near Norman. An intense trough with dry line activity moved across the southern Plains, especially Oklahoma and Kansas, on May 10 . Details about this event with a summary of the synoptic conditions, satellite images, and classification of the intensity of tornadoes can be found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_2010_Oklahoma_tornado_outbreak For this analysis we provide satellite IR, VIS and WV images, surface and upper air analysis, meteograms, frontal analysis and sounding. Satellite data was obtained from NOAA and charts and diagrams from the University of Wyoming at: http://weather.uwyo.edu/ To understand what this event was about, we suggest that you read the discussions provided in the “Wikipedia” website above. To help understanding the synoptic evolution of the event, we recommend that before analyzing charts and diagrams, you examine the IR images and also the frontal system analysis collected from May 10-11. Tornadoes occurred around
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