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syllabus_266 - Go for the second edition Student Work There...

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Geography 266 – Introduction to Meteorology Spring 2010 Course Syllabus Leila M. V. Carvalho [email protected] Office Hours: http://www.icess.ucsb.edu/clivac/ Joel Michaelsen [email protected] Office Hours: TBA http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/~joel Tentative Course Outline Week Topics Readings 1 – 3 Atmospheric Thermodynamics W & H Chapt. 3 4 – 5 Radiative Transfer W & H Chapt. 4 6 – 8 Atmospheric Dynamics W & H Chapt. 7 9 – 10 Weather Systems W & H Chapt. 8 Note: All lecture notes, graphics, announcements and other relevant information will be posted on the class web site at http://www.icess.ucsb.edu/clivac/teaching1.htm Readings: Wallace, J. W. and P. V. Hobbs, 2006. Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey. Academic Press, Second Edition. (Note: The first edition was published in the 1970s and is much different.
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Unformatted text preview: Go for the second edition.) Student Work: There will be homework problems assigned from the book on a roughly biweekly basis. They will not be graded, but we will go over some of them in class and students will be expected to be prepared to participate in the discussions. There will be a take home final that is handed out the last day of class and turned in the day of the scheduled final exam. It will consist of a mix of mathematical and short essay questions. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or permission of the instructor. Some knowledge and facility with calculus will be important, particularly for solving homework problems, but the focus will be on physical principles rather than mathematical derivation....
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