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Syllabus_2011_-_Div_9_10 (2) - ChE 102 Chemistry for...

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ChE 102 – Chemistry for Engineers – Fall 2011 University of Waterloo Instructors P. Chou, J. Grove, R. Legge, M. Madhuranthakam, N. McManus, F. Ng, M. Robinson, J. Soares (coordinator), M. Tam Website The course website is maintained through UWACE. You need to login to access course material. Useful information can also be found in the First Year Engineering website: Textbook General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications , 10 th Edition, 2010. R.H. Petrucci, F.G. Herring, J.D. Madura, and C. Bissonnette. Pearson Canada Inc., Toronto, Ontario. Note: The previous edition (9 th ) is also acceptable, but the problems listed in the assignments may differ between the two editions. Course Grading Midterm exam (multiple choice) 25% Weekly tutorials 5% In-class participation (iClickers) 5% Weekly assignments 5% Final exam (multiple choice) 60% YOU MUST PASS THE EXAMINATIONS TO PASS THE COURSE The above marking scheme will apply provided an average of at least 50% is achieved in the combined mid-term and final. If your combined average in the examinations is below 50%, then you will receive that mark instead. Examples of the grading scheme 1 2 3 4 Mid-term 80% (20) 40% (10) 50% (12.5) 30% (7.5) Tutorials + iClickers 100% (10) 80% (8) 90% (9) 90% (9) Assignments 100% (5) 90% (4.5) 100% (5) 100% (5) Final 75% (45) 30% (18) 50% (30) 50% (30) Pass combined exams? (at least 42.5 out of 85) 65 > 42.5 YES 28 < 42.5 NO 42.5 = 42.5 YES 37.5 < 42.5 NO GRADE AWARDED 20 + 10 + 5 + 45 = 80% (PASS) 28 / 85 = 33% (FAIL) 12.5 + 9 + 5 + 30 = 57% (PASS) 37.7 / 85 = 44% (FAIL) Note: During exams (midterm and final) students are only allowed to consult a two-sided 8½ × 11” sheet of paper, either hand- or typewritten, with any information they consider relevant for the examination. Students are also allowed to use calculators (any type). No other consulting material is allowed during exams.
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Tutorials There are no ChE 102 tutorials in the first week of classes. Tutorials for ChE102 start the week of September 19 th , 2011. Two-hour tutorials will take place every week with the following format: In-class part: o Hand in current assignment o Distribution of marked material and next assignment o Discussion of any problems from any part of the course already covered o Anticipated difficulties with the assignment due in the next week Split into small groups to work on tutorial problems The TA will be available to help you with the tutorial problems. Once you have completed the problems in your group, show your work to the TA to receive credit and then you will be able to leave. You may work in groups to solve the tutorial problems, but you must present individual solutions to
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Syllabus_2011_-_Div_9_10 (2) - ChE 102 Chemistry for...

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