Minor corrections to the solution of lab 5

Minor corrections to the solution of lab 5 - This should...

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Minor corrections to the solution of #6 a) and 12 a) of Lab #5. 6 a) The student should note that the presented solution assumes that b > 0. For a complete solution we should also answer the question for the cases where b = 0 and b < 0. 12 a) The given solution states. ..” for all integers n”.
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Unformatted text preview: This should read “for all integers n > 2”. This is since Rolle’s theorem holds true for functions f(x) which are defined and continuous on (a, ½). Since the given function f(x) is not defined at 0 we must have a > 0. Since a must be strictly less than ½, then we cannot have n = 1 nor 2....
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