Even since the early twenties

Even since the early twenties - Even since the early...

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Unformatted text preview: Even since the early twenties, when the classic Hawthorne studies were conducted, behavioural scientists have been focussing on organisations and the management of these organisation, as a legitimate scientific topic. Such scholars as Elton Mayo and his group at Harvard, who were directly influenced by the Hawthorne studies, examined the social factors, including the concept of leadership, as they affect employee satisfaction and motivation. From this group evolved a school of research, generally called the human relations school. George Humans and William Foote White began to study the interactions among people within a group, interactions between groups, and the leadership of a group as important variables that affect both employee's morale and employee productivity. The major contribution of these people was a re-examination of the traditional concepts of organisation in terms of informal groups, employee morale an...
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