Unit 01-1 Lecture 2 - Given - Physics 2208 Staff Bert...

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Physics 2208 Staff Bert Fulbright Jim Alexander att ierbaum avid urtin Matt Bierbaum David Curtin Bryan Daniels Jessie Killian Chen Li David Marsh urran Muhlberger regg tiesberg Cu a ub e g e G egg St esbe g Yu-Hsin Tsai Gang Xu Christopher Choi E-Dean Fung Chandler Kemp nirvan Mukherjee p j Ayelet Notis
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Physics 2208 General Information Spring 2010 2nd half of Physics 2207-2208 (2-semester calculus-based introductory physics sequence covering a wide range of topics essential to those interested in careers in medicine, biology, and th i ltd i d t th h ld lik t d l d t il d d other science-related professions, and to those who would like to develop a more detailed and quantitative understanding of how the physical world works). Emphasis on developing (1) scientific literacy and conceptual understanding (a working familiarity with language and concepts used by science professionals), (2) quantitative skills (graphing, estimation, math. modeling, working with physical units), (3) technical skills (working with electric circuits and electronic instruments such as the oscilloscope), (4) the ability to formulate and solve questions and problems on your own and as part of a team. Topics: Electricity & Magnetism, EM waves & Optics, Quantum & Nuclear Physics.
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Unit 01-1 Lecture 2 - Given - Physics 2208 Staff Bert...

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