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Unformatted text preview: Atrophic Rhinitis Atrophic Rhinitis UTMB Dept of Otolaryngology March 30, 2005 Alan L. Cowan, M.D. Matthew Ryan, M.D. Atrophic Rhinitis Atrophic Rhinitis Common Terms Ozena Dry Rhinitis Rhinitis Sicca Atrophic Rhinitis Atrophic Rhinitis Dr. Spencer Watson. Diseases of the nose and its associated cavities. London, 1875. 1) Accidental or Simple Ozoena 2) Idiopathic or constitutional “due to the retention of mucous.” “easily dealt with by the frequent employment of the nasal douche …” “commences in early childhood ... And remains during the early years or throughout the whole adult life.” “The patient is generally anosmic … and he is, therefore, unaware of the offensive odor of his breath.” “The nature of the inflammatory process is very probably allied to that of lupus erythematosus of the face.” 3) Syphilitic Ozoena “the most common form” “These ulcers may be preceded or followed by caries or necrosis of the bones, and the stench is then more horribly sickening than in any other form of this disgusting malady.” Atrophic Rhinitis Atrophic Rhinitis Described in 1876 by Dr. Bernhard Fraenkel as a triad of: Fetor Crusting Atrophy of nasal structures Dr. Francke Bosworth. A Manual of Diseases of the Nose and Throat. 1881. “the breath is often so penetrating as to render the near presence of the sufferer not only unpleasant but almost unendurable.” Atrophic Rhinitis Atrophic Rhinitis Clinical Features Anosmia Ozena, i.e. foul odor Extensive nasal crusting Subjective nasal congestion Enlargement of the nasal cavity Resorption or absence of turbinates Squamous metaplasia of nasal mucosa Depression Atrophic rhinitis Atrophic rhinitis Primary History of prior sinus surgery, radiation, granulomatous disease, or nasal trauma are exclusions. Primary AR is rare in the US Most cases are reported in China, Egypt, and India Microbiology of primary AR is almost uniformly Klebsiella ozenae. Radiographic and clinical features similar to secondary AR. Atrophic rhinitis Atrophic rhinitis Secondary Complicatio...
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