Lobo hartley farrington j of laryn and oto june 1998

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Unformatted text preview: 52-57. Triosite and Fibrin Triosite and Fibrin Bertrand, Doyen, Eloy. Laryngoscope 106: May 1996. p 652-57. Triosite and Fibrin Triosite and Fibrin Other Therapies Other Therapies Non­surgical nasal closure Advantages Nasal vestibule impressions taken similar to hearing aid moulds. Impressions are used to create a silastic obturator. Reversible Easily removed Allows for irrigations Allows for serial clinical exams Avoids surgical morbidity Disadvantages May be uncomfortable May cause sore throat due to obligate mouth breathing. Lobo, Hartley, Farrington. J of Laryn and Oto. June 1998, Vol 112, p 543-46. Nasal Obturator Nasal Obturator Other Therapies Other Therapies Other Implants Denervation Cervical sympathectomy (Bertein) Stellate ganglion block (Bahl) Sphenopalatine ganglion block (Girgis) Parasympathectomy, i.e. GSPN section (Krmptotic) Salivary Irrigation Acrylic Silicone Teflon Silastic Boplant Involves reimplantation of parotid duct into the maxillary sinus Accupuncture Time Disease often resolves spontaneously after age 40 Bibliography Bibliography Lobo, Hartley, Farrington. “Closure of the nasal vestibule in atrophic rhinitis – a new non­surgical technique.” The Journal of Laryngology and Otology. June 1998, Vol. 112, pp. 543­46. Moore, Kern. “Atrophic Rhinitis: A Review of 242 cases.” American Journal of Rhinology. November­December 2001, Vol. 15, No. 6, p 355­61. Shehata. “Atrophic Rhinitis.” American Journal of Otolaryngology, Vol. 17, No. 2. March­April, 1996: pp 81­86. Chand, MacArthur. “Primary atrophic rhinitis: A summary of four cases and review of the literature.” Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. Vol. 116, No. 4: pp 554­57. Bertrand, Doyen, Eloy. “Triosite Implants and Fibrin Glue in the Treatment of Atrophic Rhinitis: Technique and Results.” Laryngoscope (106): May 1996: pp 652­57. Goldenberg, Danino, Netzer, Joachims. “Plastipore implants in thesurgical treatment of atrophic rhinitis: Technique and results.” Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. Vol 122 No 6: pp 794­97. Watson, Spencer. Diseases of the nose and its accessory cavities. London: 1875. El Kholy, Habib, Abdel­Monem, Safia. “Septal mucoperichondrial flap for closure of nostril in atrophic rhinitis.” Rhinology, 36, 202­203, 1998....
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