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The Celluloid Closet assignment Name: Joe Littman Section: WB The Celluloid Closet deals with the history of Hollywood’s depiction of the LGBT community. The documentary argues that these portrayals often had far-reaching effects. Based on the film, class discussions and your own opinion, answer the following questions. You should have a minimum of 150 words per question, with #3 having 2 150 word sections. Please keep the current format, simply inserting your answers after each question. You must upload the assignment via Niihka by midnight on November 17 th . The papers will be checked for plagiarism by Turnitin; be sure to do your own, independent, work. 1. What are the messages that American films have traditionally sent to the LGBT community about themselves? (i.e., what might a member of the LGBT community believe about themselves after watching Hollywood movies?) [150 words minimum, 25 points] Traditionally American films have sent the LGBT community a slew of negative stereotypes with very few realistic portrayals of gays. Gays were always portrayed as overly feminine, and their sexuality almost always defined their characters. This idea that a homosexual should be defined by their sexuality told gays that their sexual atrractions made them outcasts, and would change their lives. One common theme was that gay’s were only exposed indirectly and hidden, which may have lead many gays to believe that homosexuality was something to be hidden and could have resulted in many of them to remain “in the closet” rather then make their sexuality apart of their lives. In addition to telling gays that their sexuality was something to hide, they were also shown that when a person realized they were gay they would break down and cry, and often acted as lepers, like someone who should be banished because of their sexuality. This may have caused gay individuals to be reluctant to accept their homosexuality for fear of being shunned by their communities. 2.
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Paper - The Celluloid Closet assignment Section: Name: Joe...

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