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Art+Museum paper - Name: Joe Littman Section: WB 1....

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Name: Joe Littman Section: WB 1. According to the commentary associated with the exhibits, how were women typically depicted in Art until the 20 th century? (they give 4 primary categories) How do these categories relate to the concept of stereotype threat? (this should be a list and then at least a paragraph) - Idealized and or deified - Religious and virtuous - Direct portraiture - Domesticated and family oriented Until the 20 th century in art women were typically idealized or deified, depicted as religious and virtuous, as a direct portrait, or in a domestic or family oriented situation. One stereotype about women was that they were traditionally supposed to tend to the house and raise the children. This may have resulted in some artists only depicting women in these situations, which could lead some women to think that this was a predetermined fate. Another old stereotype deemed that only the appearance of women was important. This may have formed the art depicting women into a portrait-dominated group because it was believed that a women’s only desirable trait was their appearance. 2. Based on the DeAngelis and Daniels articles, what are microaggressions? (at least one paragraph) DeAngelis defines microaggressions as everyday insults that send demining messages to the victims, where the insulter is acting based on personal bias against the victim. These insults are often unintended, but
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Art+Museum paper - Name: Joe Littman Section: WB 1....

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