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IDS MidTerm StudyGuide Ethnocentrism : Believing your culture is best or right, the other possibly are wrong. Sterilization Act : (Virginia was worst state) Allowed for sterilization of people deemed to be feeble minded. The Racial Integrity Act 1924 : - Came out of Virginia - Made strict designations of race, if you were more the 1/16 something else, you were no longer white. - Felonized interracial marriage. - Over thrown at federal level. Eugenics : A pseudoscience claimed some genes were better then others. Goal was to improve human rave by eliminating hereditary disorders or flaws, by selective breeding, and social engineering. Stereotypes : Strongly held ideas about what a group is like. Assimilation : Adapting to and joining a new culture. Multi - Cultrualism: Diversity is a good thing Pluralism : Diversity is tolerated, but majority still dominates culture. Ideal Culture
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