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IDS 159 Nacirema Paper

IDS 159 Nacirema Paper - Joe Littman IDS 159 WB Nacirema a...

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Joe Littman IDS 159 WB Nacirema a Further Look We have recently done research on the emerging culture Nacirema, which was originally introduced in 1956, by anthropologist Horace Miner who wrote “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema.” I recently conducted a follow up on a ritual preformed in a common Nacirema society. Yekcoh Eci (pronounced Yec coh Eh key), which is a popular ritual in which the locals compete against each other. The most remarkable aspect of this ritual is the strange outfits the locals wear which could only be described as costumes in our own culture. They break up into two groups and strap knives to their feet and run on ice in an attempt to put a disk called a kcup into a rectangle of metal piping called an egac, using only wooden skcits. The groups split up and meet together in a room where they talk syalp, which are formations they arrange themselves in, and then move around to attempt to put the kcup into the egac. Each local will then dress themselves in the traditional Yekcoh Eci attire, which I will break down into many parts.
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