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Name: Joe Littman Section: IDS 159 WB 1. Region: South 2. Reported stereotypes of the region: I interviewed two of my friends from my hometown of Cleveland, and they came up with a plethora of stereotypes about the south. Many of them were negative but they did list one positive one, “Southern people are bigger and stronger.” While this might not be the most positive, it was the only one I got. Negatively, I was told that southern people are: uneducated, racist, conservative, and that all the women are southern bells. The other student I interviewed had only negative things to say, he claimed that all southern people were extremely family oriented, even going as far as marrying their own cousins. He also said that southern people hung out on their porches all day, and flew confederate flags. Origins of the stereotypes: These stereotypes came from many locations. One of the students I interviewed had trouble telling me
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