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Iraeli-Palestinian Assignment - Joe Littman ITS 201 C...

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Joe Littman ITS 201 C Gideon Doron, G. I. (1989). A rational policy solution to the israeli-palestinian conflict. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management , 8 (4), 663-667. doi: 3325052 Political Analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Written Assignment Gideon Doron analyzes the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and concluded that in the past (article written in 1989) that the two sides have taken a zero-sum approach to solving their arguments, in which for one group to benefit the other must suffer. He believes for the two sides to come closer to a compromise they must propose plans that are “sensitive to, the claims and desires of both parties” (Gideon Doron, 1989). Gideon formulates the idea that many people falsely align the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the between Israel and the Arab States. The conflict with the Arab states often ends in redrawing of borders, the center conflict in the case of the Palestinian is that neither party is willing to redraw the lines, because “Both groups have claims to…the entire territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean sea as their national homeland” (Gideon Doron, 1989). This is a key problem because the two groups live intermixed on the territory, and a solution couldn't be formed until the boundaries “of political and national identity” (Gideon Doron, 1989). He upholds that there are three groups that all need to be addressed in a solution (“Israeli Jews, the Israeli…and the Palestinian Arab” (Gideon Doron, 1989)) and “any viable proposal must consider the relationships among and between these three groups” (Gideon Doron, 1989) rather then simply on the relationship between the Israeli Jew and the Palestinian Arab. Many proposed solutions focus too much on the groups’
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differences, and not their interdependencies. Gideon proposes a one state solution with two sovereign nations within, one Palestinian, one Israeli. This solution would allow
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Iraeli-Palestinian Assignment - Joe Littman ITS 201 C...

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