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Unformatted text preview: Joe Littman Rashid Reading The question we, as Americans, frequently ask about the Islamic World is simply, ““Why do they hate us so much?” Ahmed Rashid believes that Americans have come to the conclusion that “they” (people in the Islamic World) hate us so much because they are “jealous of America’s wealth, opportunities [and] democracy”. A group of young extreme militants has been growing in the region since the 1980s, and they view America as Imperialistic, and passionately oppose our foreign policy. This “wave of anti- Americanism is rising in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, even among many who once admired the United States”. This growing feeling of dislike and distrust of America, and the west in general has lead many people in the regions to ask themselves, “why do Americans hate us so much?” Personally, as an American citizen, I can answer this question, by saying; we retaliated against the region because of a terrorist attack on American soil, which I viewed as unacceptable, and if we didn’t show the world that we...
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