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Unformatted text preview: Joe Littman Grayson Kirk Lecture Assignment President Obama’s administration has used both diplomacy and economic pressure (in the forms of sanctions) to put a halt to Iran’s nuclear programs. Iran has made it clear that they have no intention of halting their nuclear development, and the author makes the claim that western powers and Israel “have a difficult or impossible time separating Iranian rhetoric from reality, but anyone who knows the Iranians should easily recognize that they're not exaggerating or lying when they say they refuse to compromise in the face of threats.” Iran now plans to meet with the P5+1, a group of western nations and Israel, to discuss it’s current nuclear program, but Hooman Majd, author of the article, doesn’t believe any progress will be made because of the sanctions the US and other powers have imposed on Iran, which has driven Iran to be even more intransigent with the West. Another factor leading to Majd’s doubt that anything we be accomplished is Iran’s statement that, they “will...
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