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Text Analysis 2011 - ITS 201 Text Analysis Guideline Dr....

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ITS 201 Text Analysis Guideline Dr. Kathryn LaFever 2011-12 What is text analysis? A text is usually understood as a book or written word, but a text can refer to an object, cultural artifact, film, political cartoon, work of art, etc. Analysis requires that you break down (a) text into its constituent parts and consider how those parts contribute to the whole. Three Approaches to Text Analysis: Social scientists often use these three approaches, singly or in combination, to analyze text: Analytic, normative, and interpretive analysis. The following distinguishes each and lists key questions to address each type of analysis. Analytic Analysis: An analytic analysis sounds redundant. There are multiple approaches to analytic analysis. In ITS 201 it typically corresponds to analyzing the rhetorical, or written, elements of a text. What is the subject of the text? What is the main idea, point, thesis statement, or claim? What are the supporting points or evidence? Use direct quotes (and APA-style citations) to support your claims. Rhetorical (written) elements include but are not limited to the use of emotional language, italicized or bold printed words, figures of speech, metaphor, paradox, narration (storytelling). Based on your analytic analysis, what do you surmise about the text?
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Text Analysis 2011 - ITS 201 Text Analysis Guideline Dr....

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